Grocery store lists aren’t about helping me remember what I need.

They’re more to remind me what I don’t need—keep me focused, ward off impulse purchases.

So to use a tired cliche, grocery shopping without a list is like eating a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. Fortunately, on my last off-the-cuff excursion into Whole Foods, I discovered the shopping riff. You simply choose one ingredient and go from there, sort of like connect-the-dots meal planning. Continue reading

Button Mushrooms, Lemon, Feta

I feel a strange tenderness for mushrooms.

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated to learn that fungi had their very own taxonomic kingdom, being neither plant nor animal.  In fact, they are considered biologically closer to animals because they do not create their own food, as plants do, but feed off surrounding detritus, like vultures.  Food for thought. 

Despite their scavenging qualities, I think they’re charming little alien creatures. I have never been much of a forager for wild mushrooms, afraid as I am of the secret death lurking inside some of them. This is lucky, because I’ve never met a mushroom I didn’t want to eat. Continue reading